About Us

Purpose of Your Alumni Association

Founded in 1987 under the leadership of Terry Jorgensen, class of 1962, the Nürnberg Alumni Association seeks to keep alive the Eagle spirit in the hearts of its former students, teachers and staff in a variety of ways.

Perhaps most importantly, all members are invited to a reunion for all classes at a desirable tourist site in the United States every three years, rotating from East Coast to Middle America to the West Coast. In addition, smaller groups hold mini-reunions from time to time and at various places around the country.

Secondly, we maintain this website to find lost Eagles, to provide a database of “found” alumni, to dispense information and news about your association, and to look backward at good times and places gone by.

Thirdly, three times a year we publish the NHS Trichter, an alumni newsmagazine with the same title as the school newspaper formerly published at Nürnberg American High School. In the pages of the Trichter, you can find association news, feature stories and updates on individual Eagles, pictorial and verbal looks backward at past years, alum travel stories, and occasional general interest articles. This is available by mail to members or from this website.

Fourthly, we maintain for members an Alumni Directory, as complete a listing of NHS alumni as we can produce, with postal addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.