An archive is a place or collection containing documents and other materials of historical interest and a repository for memories, so says the American Heritage Dictionary. And that’s what the NHS archive is: a place where you can take a nostalgic trip back to the time when you attended your all-time favorite school and a history site, the repository for the memorabilia of a unique school that was part of a unique educational initiative, the American Dependents School System.

The archive is arranged in chronological order, beginning with the first school year, 1946-47. This arrangement makes it easy for NHS alumni, faculty, and friends to go straight to the school year or years when they called NHS “their school.” Clicking on one of the school years will bring you to one or more of the following kinds of files for that year:

  • newspaper excerpts
  • yearbook
  • history/memorabilia
  • photo album

See the File Records below the Year Selector to see if there is anything in your school year at the present. It is the Archivist’s hope that all school years will eventually have some files.

You can also use the Navigation menu above to drill down quickly to your decade then year.

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How You Can Add to the Archive

This online archive derives from the Nürnberg Alumni Association’s physical archives presently housed in the home of NAA Historian/Archivist Bob McQuitty. Some archival items are electronic and exist only on McQuitty’s home computer.

You, as a NHS alumni, faculty member, or staff person, can add to these archives by contacting McQuitty with the form below and letting him know what you would like to contribute. He will respond by telling you if the item or items you have are already in the archives and therefore not needed. If your item is wanted, you can contribute it in one of several ways. The most valuable way for the archives is to mail the original physical item to McQuitty at 4034 Highland Dr., Tahlequah, OK 74464. If you do not wish to give up the item, he will mail it back to you when he has copied it. Alternatively, you can copy your item and mail the copy. If requested, your mailing expenses will be reimbursed. Still a third way is to make an electronic copy of the item and send it to McQuitty.

What is Wanted

Issues of the School Newspaper.

The extant copies of The Army Brat and the NHS Trichter vary greatly. A number of years are complete, but a larger number are completely empty.

The files for the following years are complete: 47-48, 49-50, 57-58, 58-59, 59- 60, 60-61, 61-62, 71-72, 72-73, 73-74.

The files for the following years are completely empty: 65-66, 66-67 76-77, 78-79 80-81 through 94-95.

If you have any school newspapers in your attic, please contact the Archivist to see if you can fill in some of the blanks.


The yearbook files are nearly complete. There is no yearbook in the archives for the following years: 1987, 1993, 1994, 1995. If someone has a yearbook for any of these years, we hope he will contact the Archivist.

A number of yearbooks are already online, but we need volunteers who would be willing and have the capability to scan one or more of the following yearbooks: 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1982 through 1995. Please contact the Archivist to learn how to proceed.


We are looking for memoirs written by alumni telling about their time at NHS. A number of memoirs and historical articles that appeared in earlier years of the NAA Trichter have been already placed in the archive. We are waiting on yours.

Memorabilia can be almost anything you have saved that is related to the school: commencement programs, prom souvenirs, programs of various activities, sports records, report cards, letters, a Strassenbahn ticket, etc.


Practically everyone has a few photos from his school days. Many photos were placed on the old website. However, there was no organization of the pictures. If you have pictures you put up on the old website, we would like to place them in the archive We would also like pictures that have never been placed on the website.

Send your pictures using the form below with school year (or more precise date) indicated and people and events in the pictures identified. A jpg is the most desirable electronic format. If you have no scanning capability, mail the original photographs. They will be mailed back to you.

If you contribute something to the archives, you will receive a donation acknowledgment and hearty thanks. But please don’t expect to find your contribution immediately on the website. Your archivist is only a volunteer and he’s way behind in putting up contributions already received.

Archive submission

Please use the following form to submit your data for archiving
  • For multiple files please zip your files. We can accept up to 20Mb per upload. For items larger than that please contact us for alternative transmission routes (FTP, Mail-Scan-Return Mail)
  • Please describe the material you wish to contribute either attached to this form or via an alternative method
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.