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Archivist/Historian publishes novel

Bob McQuitty, NAA Archivist/Historian, recently published his first — and last — novel, entitled “Prost, Herr Meier: Toast, Mr. Meier.” The book is in part an early history of Nürnberg American High School and part memoir — both parts overlaid with the author’s imagination.

The novel tells the story of the growth of 15-year-old Riley Robinson, an Army Brat who travels with his family to Germany in 1946. He is on hand when one of the first American schools opens its doors. Riley learns to cope with attending a newly opened school and living in a defeated and occupied country. At the same time he enjoys much about Germany, his schoolmates, and a German girl he meets.

Forced to return to the U.S. when his dad’s tour is over, he attends college in Texas and then elects to return to Germany as a teacher. In the book’s most strained coincidence, he ends up teaching at NAHS. Through his travels and his friendship with Herr Meier, Riley comes to a deeper understanding of himself, of democracy, and of what it takes to preserve it.

This book may be purchased by going to and typing in the title, “Prost, Herr Meier.” It sells for $17 and there is also a Kindle version. If you would like an autographed copy send a check for $17 to Bob McQuitty at 4034 Highland Dr, Tahlequah, OK 74464. He will mail you a copy — no charge for shipping.

McQuitty promises, “You will be both informed and entertained.”

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