Denver 2017 Reunion Tours Available

  1. A trip to the U.S.Air Force Academy and nearby Manitou Springs, Colorado on Friday, June 23
  2. A walking tour of downtown Denver with an opportunity to “sample product” at several local micro-breweries on Friday, June 23
  3. A trip to the Coors Brewery and nearby Golden, Colorado on Saturday, June 24

Please see details below with ticket information. Registration for each of the above listed organized tours and activities will be available on a “first-come-first-served” basis.

The Casino tour listed earlier has been cancelled and refunded due to low sales

Reunion attendees should be aware that participation in each activity is limited and should sign up as early as possible to avoid being disappointed.

1. Tour of the U.S. Air Force Academy and Manitou Springs

Friday, June 23, 2017, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Take the opportunity to travel to nearby Colorado Springs and tour the beautiful campus of the U.S. Air Force Academy. The tour includes roundtrip bus transportation, a personally guided tour of the academy and its famous chapel, as well as time to visit the fascinating nearby town of Manitou Springs, and enjoy sightseeing and lunch on your own. Limit 50 people. Price: $35 per person.

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2. Tour of Downtown Denver and Local Micro-Breweries

Friday, June 23, 2017, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

Enjoy a beautiful afternoon of sightseeing as you combine a personally guided walking tour of the sights of historic downtown Denver with plenty of “Liquid Refreshment.” The tour includes the services of a personal tour guide, views of several historic Denver locations, visits to four local micro-breweries, and 2-3 beer samples at each location. Limit 30 people. Price: $50 per person.

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3. Tour of Coors Brewery and Historic Golden.

Saturday, June 24, 2017, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Join other eagle adventurers for a personally guided tour of the world-famous Coors Brewery and the quaint downtown area of Golden. The tour includes roundtrip bus transportation, guided tour of the Coors Brewery including tasting, an opportunity to explore scenic Golden, and time for lunch on your own at one of Golden’s many unique dining spots. Limit 50 people. Price: $25 per person.

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2017 Gathering of Eagles

Denver in 2017

June 22-25

Our Hotel: Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

sheratondenverlarge_1450This is a beautiful hotel with multiple restaurants, bars and coffee shops; complimentary fitness center and swimming pool. Attendees get free in-room Wi-Fi.

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The location is on the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, a tree-lined promenade of red-and-gray granite that runs through the center of downtown, lined with outdoor cafes and bistros, micro-breweries, historic office buildings, new skyscrapers, apartment and condo towers, restaurants, bars and retail stores. Numerous fountains and plazas offer a variety of daily special events and entertainers. Free electric shuttle buses cruise the mile-long Mall seven days a week from early morning to late evening.

Transportation: Low-cost public transportation is available from the airport to Union Station, where you can connect to the hotel via the free 16th Street Shuttle.

To book your rooms at the discounted group rate please click this link.


Thompson Prometric is the depository of NHS records. They took over from the long standing ETS – Educational Testing Service. DODDS High School records are sent to the DANTES Program at Prometric after 5 years.

Requests take 2 weeks to process and are free. You can order as many copies as you like.

Click the link below to open up the form for printing

Kalb history revisited by two Fürth residents

Facebook group for Fürth “Kalb Housing Area”

Former residents of the US settlement reminisce
"I needed this group in my life", schreibt eine Nutzerin, "so many memories!": Stephanie Spindler und Marco Frömter vor einem Gebäude der ehemaligen "Nürnberg High School" in der Fürther Südstadt. © Foto: Kaisha-Cosima Spindler

“I needed this group in my life”, schreibt eine Nutzerin, “so many memories!”: Stephanie Spindler und Marco Frömter vor einem Gebäude der ehemaligen “Nürnberg High School” in der Fürther Südstadt. © Foto: Kaisha-Cosima Spindler

FÜRTH – Here was the laundry! And since the playground! And do you remember the old Lady Emily? A Facebook group for “Kalb housing area” in the southern part of Fürth, which once housed about 4,800 Americans, found in no time more than 600 members. Most come from the United States.

Suddenly, something no longer consistent with the cotton candy. The blue and pink were gone, only in bland white, there was the sticky candy on the festival. “I asked my mother why and she said that the Americans are gone,” says Stephanie Spindler (31). She must have been nine, she estimates, about Americans had never thought.

Today things are different. Spindler, who grew up in Nuremberg, moved with their two children four years ago to Fürth, in the Kalb area, by working here as an educator. She has been read into the history of this district. And had at some point the idea with the Facebook page. “I wondered who the people here once called home,” she writes on the website.

On December 26, the site went online, five days later, she had 500 members. “That was amazing,” says Marco Frömter (39), a friend of Stephanie Spindler. New Year’s Eve the two spent so unlock the requests, “next to the raclette the laptop ran”.

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Reunion DC 2014 – Reunion

To upload your media please obtain the password from your email and click here > http://nurnbergeagles.org/upload-media-for-general-reunion-events/

Protected: Upload media for general reunion events

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Fallen Eagle – Ivory Carter ’81

Ivory Carter

Ivory Carter

Ivory T. Carter, age 51, departed this life on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 in Savannah.

His memory will be cherished by his wife, Keshawn N. Carter; his children, Ivory, Vincent, I`bonec and Icelyne Carter; his mother, Joyce Carter and a host other relatives and friends.

His wake will be from 6:00pm until 7:00pm on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at the Dorchester Funeral Home, 7842 E. Oglethorpe Hwy in Midway.

Funeral services will be 12:00 pm on Thursday, August 7, 2014 at Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, 200 Daniel Siding Loop Road, Richmond Hill, GA 31324. His Body will rest at the church for visitation from 11:00am until the hour of the service.

The Committal Service with military honors will be at 3:00 pm in the Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Glennville, GA 30427.

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Protected: Upload media for the 70s Dinner at Mozart Cafe

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Reunion DC 2014 – 70s Era Dinner

Silvia Eberly

Silvia Eberly

The 70s era met for dinner at Cafe Mozart near the White House.  We started at 6:30 and ended at 9:30 on Thursday the 19th.  Silvia played the accordion and we sang along to beer drinking songs reminiscent of a German beer hall.

Dinner was a choice of Chicken Schnitzel, Sauerbraten, Sausage platter or Rahm Schnitzel.  We were at capacity with 72  1970s era classmates in attendance.  Everyone had a great time and Silvia’s accordion definitely set the mood.
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How to add a Gallery to Eagle Chat

You learned earlier how to create a post in Eagle Chat that can include one or several photos.  If you have many photos to add, you want to insert a Gallery instead of individual photos.  Some advantages to Galleries:

  • Photos load as thumbnails at first, allowing faster load times
  • Photos when opened, can be scrolled within the group with left/right arrows

Log in with your Member Eagle account


You’ll now see Eagle Chat available in your sidebar, click it.


At the top of the page, near center left, you should see a +New button, click it.


Fill out the post like you normally would.


When you click Add Media, upload your photos or choose from existing photos


You can now edit the gallery


Don’t forget to click the PUBLISH button!!

Voila.  Go to Eagle Chat and check out the new gallery



How to Embed a Video into Eagle Chat quickly

Member Eagles can quickly embed videos using two methods.  The simplest is just pasting the YouTube link into the text field of a post.  Another method uses the YouTube embed wizard for more control on sizing.  Here are some screenshots as to how this post was created…video-add1 video-add2 video-add3 video-add4 video-add5 video-add6 video-add7 video-add8 video-add9

How to make a quick post in Eagle Chat

Member Eagles have the ability to create new posts, like a Guest Book, into Eagle Chat.  For an example I’ll show you how as I log in as one member, Abraham Martin, who posted an image on the NAA Facebook page.

Click the +New button at top

Click the +New button at top

Make your Title brief but descriptive as this becomes the name of the page later

Write your text inside the body field.

If you want to add a photo, click the Add Media button


Composing the Post

Composing the Post

Either Upload a new photo or choose one from the library if it was uploaded already

Choose the “Medium” size setting and left align if you want to place the photo at the beginning of your post and have text wrap around it.

Choose the “Large” size and either no align or left align if you want your photo to fill the column

Click Insert into post

Adding an image

Adding an image

Choose the “Eagle Chat” category and hit Publish

Publish to Eagle Chat

Publish to Eagle Chat

If you want to allow comments, check the allow comments box and then click Update


It is a bit more complicated than a Facebook post, but it has a lot more tools that I won’t go into just yet.  Hopefully, this will be enough for folks to say a quick Hi and throw a photo up for now.

You can find the example above shown here > http://nurnbergeagles.org/bamberg-aya/

How to use the search box

Let’s say you are interested in finding any information on the NHS Track Team

You could just type in [track]  into the search field and you could get too many results such as a post about a reunion committee schedule being on track.


You could get more detailed and type in [track team], but you still get too many results as it returns anything about team and track so you get football teams, committees on track, etc


Finally you search for [“track team”] and you begin to see the results you are looking for.



If you are a Member Eagle, you’ll get to see more search results that are found in the Trichters and other member areas.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

– VS –

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Searching inside of Trichter PDF files is a 2 step process.  To speed up the results of your first search, Trichters are returned unopened if they contain the search parameter.

You must then open up the PDF file and search within the Trichter.


click to enlarge

click to enlarge

click to enlarge



Depending on your version of Adobe Reader you can search inside the opened Trichter.  (right clicking inside the PDF or Ctrl+F)

How to log in as an Eagle


If you have signed up for a Member Eagle account ($20/yr) then you are able to log in to see more options and content.

Enter your Login ID (username) and password into the login widgit along the left sidebar



If successful, you’ll see the login widgit change to a welcome



If there is a problem you may see this…



Try to fill out the left side first in case you accidentally typed in the wrong password.  You can use your Login ID or email in the top field and password in bottom field.  Click Login

If that still doesn’t work, obtain a new password by entering your email on the right side and click Get Password.  An email will be sent to you with a link asking you to create a new password.

Please note: Admins no longer have access to see your passwords as was the case in the old website.  We can perform a password reset, which is the same as if you did it yourself by entering your email.


If you wish to log in as your position (Secretary, Era Rep, Founder, etc) you must log out of your personal (aMember) account first before logging in (to WordPress) through this link > http://nurnbergeagles.org/wp-admin .



Please note that you’ll know you’re logged in by seeing your position in the top right of the admin bar and not through aMember login widgit in the sidebar


Member Training – subgrouping the directory by class year

The Eagle Directory is a tabling plugin that allows for easy sorting, pagination and a great auto-filter search.  Initially it sorts first by year then by last name.

The plugin does not have the functionality for subgrouping class year, but you can overcome that by searching for it.  Type, for example, 1965 in the search box and (above the table, not in the sidebar) and all of the 1965 class members will show instantly.

Be aware though that this method could also grab a class member who lives at 1965 Mulholland Dr.

Member Training – changing your avatar

By default, the avatar for new accounts is the Nürnberg crest. You can change that at any time by

  • At the top right corner, click “Howdy, your name”
  • Under your avatar click “Manage”
  • Browse to an avatar you prefer
  • Click “Update”
  • Change the crop handles if you need it
  • Close the box with the little X
  • refresh your page (F5) to see the change.

The avatar may be blurry when blown up on the profile page

Paint color 80s-90s

Anyone know when the school was painted this color?

paint color of 1984

Import Complete

Was able to field match almost all columns for each user, including passwords so that they could still use their same password on the new site.

First imported all 1000 something records and made them Found Eagles

Then reimported just the ones who have paid their 2013 Renewal and made an overwrite as Member Eagles.

Logged in as Pat Gibson to verify profile matched the old site.  Success.

New Sign Up looks like this:

Eagle Level

  Eagle Info

last name used during NHS

Spouse’s First name

Enter Class Yr or Faculty
  Eagle Contact

a confirmation email will be sent
to you at this address

What is your preferred method of receiving the newsletter?

  Eagle Address
  Eagle Login

it must be 6 or more characters in length
may only contain letters, numbers, and underscores

must be 6 or more characters

Rebuilding the sign up form

To import all the users from the V3 to V4 I will need to know the CSV columns used if V4 was imported and this comes from the signup form.  So I will need to make the signup form in V4 match V3 with one exception, Reni has asked that the Graduation Year field be made a required field.  So the signup form from V3 looks like this…

Your Name *

Your First & Last name

Your E-Mail Address *

to you at this address

Choose a Login Name (User ID) *

It must be 4 or more characters in length and may
only contain small letters, numbers, and
the underscore ‘_’

Choose a Password *

Must be 6 or more characters

Confirm your password *

Enter password again

Enter Verification Text *

Please type text from image

Verification Image
Graduation Year

Please enter the year of graduation (Format YYYY)

Maiden Name

Ladies please enter your maiden name


Enter your Spouse’s Name

Home Phone

Enter your Home Phone # (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Work Phone

Please enter your Work Phone # (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Cell Phone

Please enter your Cell Phone # (XXX-XXX-XXXX)


Please enter your FAX # (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Secondary E-Mail

Please enter your secondary e-mail address

Trichter Mailing

Please select how you would like to receive your copy of the Trichter






Gives this output…

User Id	Login	Email	First Name	Last Name	Street	Street (Second Line)	City	State	ZIP Code	Country	Phone	Added	Status	Unsubscribed	Language	Is Locked	Comment	Affiliate Id#	Amount of all payments made by user	Expiration date of latest subscription	Class Year	Maiden Name	Spouse's Name	Home Phone	Cell Phone	Fax	Alternate Email	Trichter Delivery
1	test1a	paul.jameson@gmail.com	Test1	testa								1/27/2013 10:22	1			0				12/31/2037	66							
2	test2b	paul.jameson@spansion.com	Test2	Testb	123 Oak		Austin	TX	78741	US		2/5/2013 18:38	1			0				12/31/2037	1984	a	k	5125555555	5125555555	5125555555	paul.jameson@gmail.com	download

Creation of Eagle Membership

Since we verified that we can segregate product memberships lets go ahead and create the product named Member Eagle, a paid subscription (as opposed to the free Found Eagle)

Actually, we want Member Eagles to downgrade to Found Eagles if they allow their subscription to expire, so let’s create Found Eagles first.  The cost for Found Eagles will be $0 and the term will be Lifetime.  Standby…


>Products >Manage Products

See 2 products, Sample (test product, default with aMember, 1 user: test1a) and Training (created, hidden, 0 users)

Click “New Product” Add Found Eagles at $0 lifetime and displayed

Tested signup form and verified displayed http://nurnbergeagles.org/membereagles/signup/index

Now creating Member Eagle.  Done $20 one year.  However I want to remove the Sample product displayed including moving users from Sample to Found and protected content from Sample to Found.

One way to move users is to have users upgrade themselves.  As a test I created an upgrade path from Sample to Found Eagle and had user test1a move himself.  I could have also manually made the change in the Admin section >Users >Browse Users >Payments

Manually updating each user is too cumbersome if a large amount, hopefully the importing options allow me to choose.


Steve Wyatt – Class of 1992

It is with deep regret that I announce the passing of fellow Eagle Steve Wyatt Class of 1992. Steve passed away unexpectedly on 12/12/2012.


Front entrance to NHS 1960s

Front entrance to NHS 1960s


Darby Kaserne around 1950

Cool old photo of Darby Kaserne around 1950. The buildings center left under construction are the start of the Kalb Housing area. These are across from the front of NHS – not yet built. Odd to see so much countryside around this. For a closer view of this photo go to: http://www.nbg-mil-com.de/Darby/Da-old/da-usag-1a.jpg

Darby Kaserne around 1950

Jorgensen's Jargon