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Creation of Eagle Membership

Since we verified that we can segregate product memberships lets go ahead and create the product named Member Eagle, a paid subscription (as opposed to the free Found Eagle)

Actually, we want Member Eagles to downgrade to Found Eagles if they allow their subscription to expire, so let’s create Found Eagles first.  The cost for Found Eagles will be $0 and the term will be Lifetime.  Standby…

>Products >Manage Products

See 2 products, Sample (test product, default with aMember, 1 user: test1a) and Training (created, hidden, 0 users)

Click “New Product” Add Found Eagles at $0 lifetime and displayed

Tested signup form and verified displayed

Now creating Member Eagle.  Done $20 one year.  However I want to remove the Sample product displayed including moving users from Sample to Found and protected content from Sample to Found.

One way to move users is to have users upgrade themselves.  As a test I created an upgrade path from Sample to Found Eagle and had user test1a move himself.  I could have also manually made the change in the Admin section >Users >Browse Users >Payments

Manually updating each user is too cumbersome if a large amount, hopefully the importing options allow me to choose.


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