Fallen Eagles

ClassFirst NameLast NameY.O.D.Comments
1947Sherrill LeeFetzer1998- Date of Death: Jul-98
1947Charles W.Mays Jr1989- Date of Death: 1989
1947Max F.Schneider2002- Date of Death: 1/19/2002
1949DonHilty2000- Date of Death: 2/6/2000
1949HerbertKale1995- Date of Death: Apr-95
1949Patricia EvansKatz1985- Date of Death: o/s 1985
1949Stanley I.Rakin2004- Date of Death: 6/10/2004
1949Newman LeeShaver1994- Date of Death: 9/18/1994
1950BobCarter0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1950Betty GriffithQualley0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1950PhilHebner0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1950ThomasHitselberger2009- Date of Death: 29-Sep-09
1950Richard 'Dick'Kale1999- Date of Death: Jun-99
1950WilliamMurphy1996- Date of Death: 1996
1950Joan NyeDennison1989- Date of Death: 1989
1950Jacque ReckerOvenden2004- Date of Death: 12/24/2004
1951Betty Sue FowlerPerson0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1951Robert (Bob)Hagerman2002- Date of Death: 9/25/2002
1951Charles H.Hitselberger1970- Date of Death: Jun-70
1951DouglasMyrah2001- Date of Death: early 2001
1951FredMay1993- Date of Death: 1993
1951Joan AddyParillo2010- Date of Death: 2010
1951PeterPaul2000- Date of Death: o/a 2000
1951Jean PudySchumpert0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1951RonValimaki0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1952ColleenBirney0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1952Ellen S. FutchTurner1995- Date of Death: Apr-95
1952StanhopeMason1994- Date of Death: Jan-94
1952William E.Martin2007- Date of Death: 1-Feb-07
1953Katy FutchGardner2007- Date of Death: Mar-07
1953BobJones0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1953CleveMiller1978- Date of Death: 18-Oct-78
1953ThomasQuinn1995- Date of Death: May-95
1953LeroyRout2009- Date of Death: 21-Dec-09
1953Tom (Choo-Choo)Thompson2006- Date of Death: 8/13/2006
1953ClarkValentine2005- Date of Death: Dec-05
1953Carla WesnerBuford2002- Date of Death: 4/6/2002
1954Colonel (Ret) MichaelCrumley2003- Date of Death: 2003
1954BillDaley2010- Date of Death: 29-May-10
1954DavidMcBroom2002- Date of Death: 2002
1954Ruth NagadieuReams2010- Date of Death: 7-Jul-10
1954RichardPhillips2011- Date of Death: 14-Sep-11
1955Clarie StilleEly2008- Date of Death: 28-Jul-08
1955MarvinPhillips0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1955Evelyn (Sugar) VeithDuell2004- Date of Death: 5/11/2004
1956Beverly Jean BryantCook2007- Date of Death: 6/21/2007
1956Major General (Ret) DennisCrumley2000- Date of Death: Apr-00
1956Karen MarquisLauman1999- Date of Death: 1/27/1999
1957Judith C Wyss KnueppelShrewsbury2010- Date of Death: 6-Jun-10
1958WilliamBivens2001- Date of Death: 1/7/2001
1958Robert AllenMoore2009- Date of Death: 27-Sep-09
1958RonMorton1977- Date of Death: 1977
1958Jim 'Bubby'Reynolds2001- Date of Death: 1/17/2001
1959Vesa JuhaniAlakulppi1968KIA - Vietnam - Date of Death: 5/14/1968
1959MonikaDuty0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1959RichardMisdom2005- Date of Death: 2005
1959PeterWalters2008- Date of Death: 4-May-08
1959CliffordWren0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1960JohnnyDirck2010- Date of Death: 18-Nov-10
1960Terrell 'Ted' E.Dye MD2010- Date of Death: 8-Jan-10
1960DonEwoldt1966- Date of Death: 29-Jul-66
1960Elizabeth (Betty) MilesBell2006- Date of Death: 11/5/2006
1960David WilliamPearce2004- Date of Death: 5/10/2004
1960LarryReynolds2011- Date of Death: 5/27/2011
1961LarryBrasso0?KIA-Vietnam - Date of Death: Unknown
1961PeterBrody0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1961TedKing0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1961Joseph V.Mazares Jr.2005- Date of Death: 8/1/2005
1961RalphMogel1985- Date of Death: 1985
1962Nancy AllbaughStingel2006- Date of Death: Jul-06
1962TomEvans2002- Date of Death: 2002
1962Lillian Joyce FieldsVoyles1987- Date of Death: 31-Oct-87
1962WillieGetter2006- Date of Death: 12/29/2006
1962BillGoode0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1962Mona HornsbyCarroll2004- Date of Death: 10/25/2004
1962Cliff 'Blackbottom'Mabry1984- Date of Death: 1984
1962Roger H. 'Tim'McCoy2005- Date of Death: 1/2/2005
1962RogerMcPherson0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1962Toni MillerBelken2004- Date of Death: 12/1/2004
1962Lt. JeffSexton1967KIA-Vietnam - Date of Death: 6/22/1967
1963LeeGassert2011- Date of Death: January 18 2011
1963TerryMay2003- Date of Death: 12/27/2003
1963JohnMoody0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1963SFC (Ret) Julio C.Rivera1998- Date of Death: 7/13/1998
1963RainerArnold0?Class of 1964? - Date of Death: Unknown
1964CliffBoyd0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1964BertCaldwell0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1964JohnJanney2004- Date of Death: Jan. 2004
1964Dennis 'Tiny'Jordan1968- Date of Death: 1968
1964TonyKeller2010- Date of Death: 6-Jun-10
1964SteveKirkland1998- Date of Death: Aug-98
1964Joe L.Klesen2009- Date of Death: 23-Sep-09
1964Billie StanfieldPettyjohn2003- Date of Death: 2003
1964Sarah Kathleen 'Kathy'Welch2006- Date of Death: 3/4/2006
1965MarshallBallard2010- Date of Death: 9-Sep-10
1965Roxie DavisThomas2007- Date of Death: 2/11/2007
1965WillGlowacki1988- Date of Death: 1988
1965Don 'Smokey'Mason1968- Date of Death: KIA-22 April 1968
1965Ronald Randolph 'Randy'Reitler2005- Date of Death: 1/22/2005
1965MarcRudney2009- Date of Death: Spring 2009
1965LarryWhite1968KIA-Vietnam - Date of Death: 1968
1965Dorothy Darlene WhitlockSmith2011- Date of Death: 8-Dec
1965CraigWhitney2004- Date of Death: 12/27/2004
1966Robert PatrickBurpo MD1991- Date of Death: 2/3/1991
1966Cindy JewisonDavis1997- Date of Death: 1997
1966FredGoebeler2008- Date of Death: 9/12/2008
1966JohnKopacz2008- Date of Death: 12-Sep-08
1966MikeMcGuire2010Lung Cancer - Date of Death: 10/30/2010
1966Carol SuzanneNitzel1969- Date of Death: 7/4/1969
1966MikeNunemaker2008- Date of Death: 4/27/2008
1966PeterVaughn2011- Date of Death: 5/22/2011
1966JoelZiskin0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1967Charles W.Daniel2007- Date of Death: 7/30/2007
1967MikeFrye2003- Date of Death: 8/14/2003
1967Walt (Wally)Harris2004- Date of Death: Jun-04
1967RalphKemper2010- Date of Death: 12/28/2010
1967William T. 'Bill'Mays1981- Date of Death: 1981
1967MarioMersinger2007- Date of Death: 7/15/2007
1967RonniePatterson2009- Date of Death: 12-Oct-09
1967Norman LyleScott2006- Date of Death: Feb-06
1968RalphWeierick2008- Date of Death: 6-Aug-08
1969Wanda HarrellPeters2010- Date of Death: Jan-10
1969JeffIbsen2001- Date of Death: 3/29/2001
1970GregBaranowski2009- Date of Death: 29-Oct-09
1970Todd M.Shepard2007Pancreatic Cancer - Date of Death: 7/28/2007
1970Leah TatumDick2009- Date of Death: 15-Aug-09
1970John P.Wigg1991- Date of Death: 1991
1970BeverlyWhite1980- Date of Death: 198x?
1970MarionWomble1986- Date of Death: 1986?
1971SteveChristensen0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1971FrankDornik2006- Date of Death: 2006
1971AlanSpencer2003- Date of Death: 2003?
1972MattBorg2001- Date of Death: Mar-01
1972BernardDavis2009- Date of Death: Nov-09
1972TimIrons2006- Date of Death: 2006?
1972Catherine LivelyFritz0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1974LarryGlover1980- Date of Death: 1980s?
1974MarlonRiggs1999- Date of Death: 1999
1975TroyCaffey1985- Date of Death: Feb-85
1975SheilaPerry2001- Date of Death: 2001
1975RonRich0?- Date of Death: 8-Mar
1975FrankTedesco2010Esophageal cancer - Date of Death: 1-Feb-10
1976Leslie LilesPierce0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1977NancyDornik1992- Date of Death: 29-Dec-92
1977GeorgeFischer2011- Date of Death: April 11 2011
1978EddieDenson1983- Date of Death: 3/13/1983
1978Evelyn Eva MillerPackard2004- Date of Death: 11/4/2004
1979ChristopherCain1994- Date of Death: 1994
1979Vicki ColbreseBaker2007- Date of Death: 2007
1979JimmyKalawaia2008- Date of Death: 8-Aug-08
1979Gary A.Priest2001- Date of Death: 6/3/2001
1979Janet ReploglePoole2003- Date of Death: 11/18/2003
1979BillyTrobough1999- Date of Death: 1999
1979DavidWilliams2001- Date of Death: 21-Dec-01
1980WendellBuford2007- Date of Death: 2/24/2007
1980RobertSublett2001- Date of Death: 2001
1981MollyAmberBerry1979- Date of Death: 8/9/1979
1981Kimberly Dawn (Balderson)Rose2004- Date of Death: 8/3/2004
1982MartinMosher2007- Date of Death: 11/9/2007
1982Patrick JamesRich1986- Date of Death: 1986
1982SidSmith1987- Date of Death: 8/6/1987
1982MarkWheeler1997- Date of Death: 1997
1984CarolineZylka2006- Date of Death: 2006
1985Christian HansBaisley0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1985KevinBrown2003- Date of Death: 7/10/2003
1985HeatherMcMullen0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1985HollyWoodward0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1991Harold 'June' 'Junebug'Shipman Jr.1999- Date of Death: May-99
1992DerrickPanky1993- Date of Death: 1993
1993MalcomBullett2001- Date of Death: Jun-01
FacultyJohn (Jack)Barton2001- Date of Death: 1/15/2001
FacultyCecilBassich0?- Date of Death: Unknown
FacultyJoeBlackstead2000- Date of Death: May-00
FacultyDr. HughBrady2010- Date of Death: 16-Jun-10
FacultyCecilCampbell1996Cecil Campbell taught industrial arts in the high school from 1958 to 1967. He was assistant football coach with Clete Campbell, wrestling coach, and track coach. He was living in Star Valley, Wyoming, at the time of his passing, Nov. 23, 1996, from a massive heart attack.
FacultyHelen BeatriceCrowell2003- Date of Death: 10/3/2003
FacultyLulaDalton1993- Date of Death: May-93
FacultyLois DayDaywood2002- Date of Death: 2002
FacultyRoy T.Diduk1995- Date of Death: 1995
FacultyDennisErie2000- Date of Death: 4/27/200x
FacultyJoeFerguson0?- Date of Death: Unknown
FacultyPatricia Ann WoodsHamilton2005- Date of Death: 7/24/2005
FacultyRuthHarrigan1998- Date of Death: 6/23/1998
FacultyEstellaHarris0?- Date of Death: Unknown
FacultyChesterHoyt2005- Date of Death: 6/30/2005
StaffVivaleneIngram2005(wife of Walter Ingram Superintendent) - Date of Death: 1/14/2005
FacultyHans G.Jenssen-Tusch2005- Date of Death: 7/24/2005
FacultyJoseph R.Klemmer2001- Date of Death: 2001
FacultyErma KnightonNowak2002- Date of Death: 2002
FacultyWernerKochau0?- Date of Death: Unknown
FacultyMaryLee0?- Date of Death: Unknown
StaffMary Jane LittleLuecker2003- Date of Death: Dec-03
FacultyJoMadden2001- Date of Death: Apr-01
FacultyEdwardMantel2001(Principal '83-'85) - Date of Death: 8/28/2001
FacultyLionel C.Marcus2007- Date of Death: 2/11/2007
FacultyLarryMathern2007- Date of Death: 3/17/2007
FacultyTerry K.McLean2002- Date of Death: Spring 2002
FacultyHeatherMcMullen0?- Date of Death: Unknown
FacultyCarolyn MillerSmith0?- Date of Death: Unknown
FacultyDonaldPeterson0?(Principal '69-'70) - Date of Death: Unknown
FacultyMannieRaab1992- Date of Death: 8/24/1992
FacultyHarryRice0?- Date of Death: Unknown
FacultyJohnRodgers1999- Date of Death: 5/20/1999
FacultyHermanSearch2000(Principal '48-'50) - Date of Death: Aug-00
FacultyRobert C.Smith2002- Date of Death: 2/12/2002
StaffNorahSpeck1992- Date of Death: Mar-92
FacultyPaulSpurlock2006- Date of Death: 1/8/2006
FacultyGeorge D.Stevens2001- Date of Death: 7/21/2001
FacultyHarryThomas1997- Date of Death: 2/26/1997
FacultyRobertTodd2002- Date of Death: Oct-02
FacultyClarissaWashington2004- Date of Death: Oct-04
FacultyGertrudeWelch0?- Date of Death: Unknown
FacultyHazelYoungman0?- Date of Death: Unknown
StaffKathrynWilson2005- Date of Death: Apr-05
FacultyMarvinWilson2007- Date of Death: 6/13/2007
FacultyWilliam T. 'Bill'Zeffiro1997- Date of Death: 9/9/1997
1972AllynMcNulty Ferris2011- Date of Death: 12/25/2011
1969AlbertNicholson0?- Date of Death: Unknown
1981Jose ManuelCruz2011- Date of Death: 1/1/2011
1979Stephen DwayneStairs2012obit - Date of Death: 1/21/2012
1972RobertTaylor1989Auto Accident - Date of Death: 1/1/1989
1963JoyceMcLane2012One of her Era's Favorite Eagles and a favorite dance partner to many an NHS Eagle male passes following recent years of failing health issues. - Date of Death: 1/29/2012
1963GeorgeBryce2012Vietnam Veteran F.A.A. Air Traffic Controller-Retired - Date of Death: 2/23/2012
1958TedBrostrom2012At NHS Ted was awarded All-USAREUR basketball-status. Warm-hearted tall gentle NHS Eagle who'll be missed by many. - Date of Death: Apr-12
1960PaulProvence2011Died of COPD. Wife Nancy will always remember him most for waking every morning in a good mood and always joking. What more could you ask for? - Date of Death: 11/10/2011
1976DannyDoxtater2012Danny was a wonderful person with a big heart and great personality and opponents on the gridiron did not look forward to being hit by Danny! - Date of Death: 11/16/2012
1975Gary Smith2012Gary served for 23 years as a combat engineer, infantryman, and chemical operations and demolition expert. He received the following honors from the U.S. Army: Commendation Medal, Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon, Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon and the Army of Occupation Medal. Date of Death: 12/20/2012
1983RudyDunn2012Rudy Thomas Dunn, age 46, of Lufkin, passed away on Sunday, April 29, 2012, at Castle Pines Health and Rehabilitation Center after a 15 year battle with brain cancer. In addition to being a avid drummer, Rudy had a wonderful sense of humor and was known for his silly, goof-ball antics and practical jokes. He definitely loved life and lived his to the fullest.
1962RichardMoran2013Passed on February 1, 2013.
1979TheressaHubbard1986Terri passed away on January 17, 1986 in a fatal car crash.
1976 Carla LearyAudette2012- Date of Death: Oct-12
1952Rev. Dr. Bob Giuliano2012Dr. Robert Niel Giuliano, of Owen Sound, Southwestern Ontario, Canada, died on January 22, 2012, at the age of 77 years. He was a 1952 graduate of Nurnberg American High School. He had many fond memories of Nurnberg.
FacultyRita Bullock nee Harrison2012Rita passed away on August 29, 2012 at the age of 96
1968Dorretta Ann (Mazares)(Mazares) Etter2014 Dorretta, born in 1951, died Jan. 21, 2014, of lung cancer. See tribute in Trichter, spring, 2014, p.11.

1981Angela RaeHollis2012Obituary
Faculty & StaffArthur `Bill`Lillevig2015In lieu of flowers, the family requests contributions be made TO:
Lillevig Education Scholarship, c/o NDSU Development Foundation, 1241 N. University Dr., Fargo, ND 58106.

Diana has moved from Virginia to Alvin, TX, to live with her daughter Grace Heffernan. Email: hoosgracie@Yahoo.com

Passed January 6, 2015
1966Michael DavidZempter2007Starred in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" as Sir Andrew Aguecheek his senior year.
Passed March 2, 2007
1957LithoMcDowell1979Passed away in San Francisco, CA, January 10, 1979. And as of today (03/19/2015), they're STILL asking about you, Litho!
1956KentHarrison2015Kent passed away on June 10, 2015, following a long battle with cancer. Kent was a retired U.S. Army Armor Officer (Colonel) and a faithful minister to imprisoned inmates at Ft. Leavenworth.
FacultyDianaLillevigAug. 20, 2015Elementary school teacher and beloved wife of Arthur "Bill" Lillevig, who passed away Jan. 6, 2015
Faculty, 1959-1962David BrownParrish2015David Brown Parrish passed away Nov. 12, 2015, age 89. A junior high English and history teacher, he was much appreciated by students and fellow teachers alike. See his tribute in the Trichter, winter 2015, pp. 6-8.
Faculty, principal NHS 1976-1983JohnDal Santo2015John Dal Santo passed away Oct. 31, 2015, at age 87. He was much appreciated and admired. See his obituary in the Trichter, winter, 2015, p. 6.
1953SteveMiller2015Steve died Oct. 9, 2015 at age 82. See his obituary in the Trichter, winter, 2015, p. 8.
1963Fran(Gibson) Stuler2015Fran died June 5, 2015 of Alzheimer's disease. See the tribute to Fran in the Trichter, winter, 2015, pp 8-9.
1966MurrayDean Shipp2015See his obituary in the Trichter, winter, 2015, p. 9.
1952Michael L. "Mike"Clower2014Mike died Sept. 25, 2014. See obituary in the Trichter, winter, 2014, p. 7
1952RobertIsett Jr.2014Robert died Oct. 11, 2014. See a tribute by Robert's son Chris in the Trichter, winter, 2014, p. 7.
1963RoscoeCartwright2014Roscoe died Oct. 16, 2014, age 70. See the tribute to him in the Trichter, winter, 2014, p. 7-8.
1964Leland C.McCaslin2014Leland died Oct. 9, 2014. He is the author of two books on intelligence activities during the Cold War. See article in the Trichter, winter, 2014, pp 8-9.
1977Gaye(McAdams) Peterson2014Gaye died unexpectedly Dec. 23, 2014. See obituary in the Trichter, winter, 2014, p. 9.
1951James H.Savident2015James died Mar. 19, 2015. See obituary in Trichter, spring-summer issue, 2015 p. 6-7.
1953JerryButler2013Jerry died Dec. 19, 2013 after a long illness. See obituary in Trichter, spring-summer issue, 2015 p. 7.
1970David "Dave"Ogé2015Dave, past president of NAA, died May 18, 2015. See article in Trichter, spring-summer issue, 2015 pp. 7-8.
1955Gerald L.Hurst2015Gerald died Mar. 11, 2015. See article in Trichter, spring, summer issue, 2015, pp. 1, 9, 11. Also see Wikipedia.
1958Donald G.Barnett2012Donald died May 28, 2012. Brief obituary in Trichter, summer, 2014.
1978Wade A.Axton2014Wade died Sept. 14, 2014. Brief obituary in Trichter, summer 2014.
1981IvoryCarter2014Ivory Carter was killed July 30, 2014, in Savannah, GA, while showing a car to an individual who decided to steal the car rather than pay for it. See Trichter, summer 2014, p. 14. Also see News of the 80s on this web site.
1948Barbara(Kale) Falzini2014Barbara died Feb. 15, 2014. She graduated from NHS in its second year. See obituary in Trichter, spring, 2014, p. 10.
1954William Edward "Ed"Temple2014Ed, former assistant chief of staff of intelligence at the Pentagon, died Feb. 22, 2014, age 77. See tribute in Trichter, spring, 2014, p.p 10-11.
1982UweRushing2014Uwe died during a violent event in his hometown of Lawton, OK. See obituary in Trichter, spring, 2014, p. 11
Faculty 1953-1967Werner "Charlie"Rosin2016Mr. Rosin died in his sleep Feb. 21, He was 89. "A classy gentleman with high expectations, the consummate professional, truly a Great Teacher." See tribute in the "Trichter," winter, 2016.
1966MikeZempter2007Mike starred in "Twelfth Night" as Sir Andrew Aguecheek his senior year. He died Mar. 2.
Faculty 1965-1991JoeSerino2015A long time art teacher, Mr. Serino died Dec. 22 in Chesterfield, VA at age 86. "He brought light and vision to many lives." See tribute in "Trichter," spring 2016.
1954Kathleen(Loring-Kirvan) Temple2016Kathy died Jan. 5. "Kathy and I spent a lot of time laughing, crying, dreaming about the future -- but mostly laughing." See tribute in "Trichter," spring 2016.
1959Judy(Giles) Harrison2015Judy died Oct. 11. Cheerleader, active in many clubs. See article in "Trichter," spring 2016.
1962PeteTurner2016Pete was 72. He is remembered for generosity and kindness. See article in
"Trichter," spring 2016.
1965Ralpy "Buddy"Flecker2015Ralph died Oct. 30 after a long illness. He was 68. "He lived his life robustly to the end." See "Trichter, spring 2016
1955LarryWilkerson2016Larry died on 11/06/2016
1965LarryNorman2016Larry died on 10/19/2016 of prostate cancer. He loved his NHS friends!
1965Larry Moak2016Larry died in a car accident on December 10, 2016.