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Lobby Mosaic

NHS Lobby Mosaic which is still there.  Donald Lawhon Brewer ‘1960 said that their senior class trip was cancelled (apparently due to something that happened during 1959s Senior trip) and they used the funds to have the mosaic installed in the lobby.  The Germans did not remove it when they converted NHS to a trade school in the late 1990’s. 
NHS Lobby Today


One Response to Lobby Mosaic

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    Louise 'Boogee' Woltz says:

    class of 1964,lived in the dorm:) Senior year,moved there from New Mexico,Alamogordo.Best time ever,still in touch with some class mates from there.This looks fantastic,so glad they left the floor! Reunion in Denver,CO June 22-25,hope to see ya there 🙂 YAY EAGLES! Boogee

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