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PayPal vs Credit Card

A member has asked about our PayPal gateway and was nervous about using their credit card in that the transaction might accidentally sign them up to a PayPal service.  This tutorial shows how to use your credit card to pay for membership without using a PayPal service.

PayPal is the lowest cost solution for non-profits such as NAA to use a secure credit card gateway at such a low volume of transactions.  If we went with a pure credit card only service, we would have to add a much larger transaction fee (and monthly service charges).  In order to provide PayPal’s credit card convenience (and security) to members at a low cost, there are optional PayPal advertisements throughout the checkout process.

You do not have to sign up for any PayPal service to use their credit card gateway.

Below is one example of using PayPal to handle your credit card.  In this example, the test user is renewing their annual membership:

Click “Add/Renew Subscription” for you to renew >

click to expand

click to expand

Choose Member Eagles in the Membership Type and choose PayPal to pay by credit card.  You can also pay by check.  For this tutorial, we’ll stick with credit card via PayPal.
Click Next
You will now be sent to the PayPal gateway which gives you an option to either pay through a PayPal account or by Credit/Debit Card.  You will choose the latter >
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Click Credit Card, fill out info and hit Pay >
click to expand

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Done >
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You will be receiving receipts from both NAA and Paypal that your transaction went through