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Testing Chat area

Creating a post by a Member Eagle.  Checking the box “allow Comments” to see if others can respond.

Remember, must choose Eagle Chat category in order for it to be visible

3 Responses to Testing Chat area

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    William Harwell says:

    Logged in to the site with no problem. The link from facebook was a no go, but I got here using the link from my browsers favorites from the old one. I’m liking what I see, just hope as that as the tweaking continues things will speed up a bit. :mrgreen:

    • avatar
      paul says:

      Thanks William. Yeah there are some display issues that did not carry over well from the development site. Will need to work on it.

      BTW, There is a sweeper on my O-40 Men’s soccer team named Bill Harwell. Please don’t tell me that is you… 😮

      • avatar
        William Harwell says:

        Nope not me. I haven’t played since my since my days at NHS. JV halfback! And no way I could sneak into a 0-40 team.
        Bill—Eagles ’78.!

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