The Eagles Nest

This section is a portal for all Eagles starting with a solemn remembrance to our Fallen Eagles.

If you have not yet registered, we encourage you to become Found Eagle at no cost to help build our list of Eagles.

As a non-profit organization, another method of raising funds outside of donations is to offer an annual subscription service where becoming a Member Eagle allows access to the full directory of Eagles and to our archive of the Trichter, our tri-annual newsletter.

This is also the place for multi-direction communication.  A Guest Book program was requested, but those programs have become spam targets.  We’ll also embed a frame from our official Facebook page, but that excludes many who are adverse to Face Book.  In the end we’ll use a Forum plugin to facilitate open communication outside of private emails.  The Forum will allow all Eagles, (Found Eagles and Member Eagles) to communicate in General boards, Decade boards and Reunion boards