Import Complete

Was able to field match almost all columns for each user, including passwords so that they could still use their same password on the new site.

First imported all 1000 something records and made them Found Eagles

Then reimported just the ones who have paid their 2013 Renewal and made an overwrite as Member Eagles.

Logged in as Pat Gibson to verify profile matched the old site.  Success.

New Sign Up looks like this:

Eagle Level

  Eagle Info

last name used during NHS

Spouse’s First name

Enter Class Yr or Faculty
  Eagle Contact

a confirmation email will be sent
to you at this address

What is your preferred method of receiving the newsletter?

  Eagle Address
  Eagle Login

it must be 6 or more characters in length
may only contain letters, numbers, and underscores

must be 6 or more characters

Rebuilding the sign up form

To import all the users from the V3 to V4 I will need to know the CSV columns used if V4 was imported and this comes from the signup form.  So I will need to make the signup form in V4 match V3 with one exception, Reni has asked that the Graduation Year field be made a required field.  So the signup form from V3 looks like this…

Your Name *

Your First & Last name

Your E-Mail Address *

to you at this address

Choose a Login Name (User ID) *

It must be 4 or more characters in length and may
only contain small letters, numbers, and
the underscore ‘_’

Choose a Password *

Must be 6 or more characters

Confirm your password *

Enter password again

Enter Verification Text *

Please type text from image

Verification Image
Graduation Year

Please enter the year of graduation (Format YYYY)

Maiden Name

Ladies please enter your maiden name


Enter your Spouse’s Name

Home Phone

Enter your Home Phone # (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Work Phone

Please enter your Work Phone # (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Cell Phone

Please enter your Cell Phone # (XXX-XXX-XXXX)


Please enter your FAX # (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Secondary E-Mail

Please enter your secondary e-mail address

Trichter Mailing

Please select how you would like to receive your copy of the Trichter






Gives this output…

User Id	Login	Email	First Name	Last Name	Street	Street (Second Line)	City	State	ZIP Code	Country	Phone	Added	Status	Unsubscribed	Language	Is Locked	Comment	Affiliate Id#	Amount of all payments made by user	Expiration date of latest subscription	Class Year	Maiden Name	Spouse's Name	Home Phone	Cell Phone	Fax	Alternate Email	Trichter Delivery
1	test1a	Test1	testa								1/27/2013 10:22	1			0				12/31/2037	66							
2	test2b	Test2	Testb	123 Oak		Austin	TX	78741	US		2/5/2013 18:38	1			0				12/31/2037	1984	a	k	5125555555	5125555555	5125555555	download

Creation of Eagle Membership

Since we verified that we can segregate product memberships lets go ahead and create the product named Member Eagle, a paid subscription (as opposed to the free Found Eagle)

Actually, we want Member Eagles to downgrade to Found Eagles if they allow their subscription to expire, so let’s create Found Eagles first.  The cost for Found Eagles will be $0 and the term will be Lifetime.  Standby…

>Products >Manage Products

See 2 products, Sample (test product, default with aMember, 1 user: test1a) and Training (created, hidden, 0 users)

Click “New Product” Add Found Eagles at $0 lifetime and displayed

Tested signup form and verified displayed

Now creating Member Eagle.  Done $20 one year.  However I want to remove the Sample product displayed including moving users from Sample to Found and protected content from Sample to Found.

One way to move users is to have users upgrade themselves.  As a test I created an upgrade path from Sample to Found Eagle and had user test1a move himself.  I could have also manually made the change in the Admin section >Users >Browse Users >Payments

Manually updating each user is too cumbersome if a large amount, hopefully the importing options allow me to choose.


Testing of post protection

I created a Training category where the navigation widget only appears to those subscribed to the Training product (and WordPress Admins and Editors who are exempt from aMember rules)

Now I am creating a post that I will protect to be seen by Training only.  Thus in test platform, a paying member still cannot see this.

There are 4 aMember interactions for each post.

  1. An ICON in the visual editor of a  lock.  Clicking it brings up the aMember shortcodes wizard to protect portions of content
  2. A section called aMember Protection Settings.  Clicking Protect brings up detailed configurations to protect all of the content
  3. A section called aMember Shortcodes help.  Hovering and selecting various shortcodes for embedding
  4. And Content Permissions.  Which handles protection based on roles and not specific products

I will now test

Selected Training Category, but did not choose any protection.  Published… is visible to public view, Training Nav widget is not viewable.  Now choosing to protect post by choosing Protection enabled in the “aMember Protection Settings”  After checking box, more options are displayed.  Under Access Permissions I choose Training.  I Update and expect to see public viewing disabled…

It works!  A public view of now takes user to signin/register.

I will now sign in as a standard user and see if that allows me to view…

It works, even signed in as standard user, this training post is not displayed  and instead shows a product sign up form, which since I have hidden Training as a Product ( I want to manually add people ) the user has no option to join that product.

Now going back to my WordPress admin account to verify that Admins are exempt…

It works.  Now going to test if a WordPress Editor can view, logging in as Historian…

It works.