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Kalb history revisited by two Fürth residents

Facebook group for Fürth “Kalb Housing Area”

Former residents of the US settlement reminisce
"I needed this group in my life", schreibt eine Nutzerin, "so many memories!": Stephanie Spindler und Marco Frömter vor einem Gebäude der ehemaligen "Nürnberg High School" in der Fürther Südstadt. © Foto: Kaisha-Cosima Spindler

“I needed this group in my life”, schreibt eine Nutzerin, “so many memories!”: Stephanie Spindler und Marco Frömter vor einem Gebäude der ehemaligen “Nürnberg High School” in der Fürther Südstadt. © Foto: Kaisha-Cosima Spindler

FÜRTH – Here was the laundry! And since the playground! And do you remember the old Lady Emily? A Facebook group for “Kalb housing area” in the southern part of Fürth, which once housed about 4,800 Americans, found in no time more than 600 members. Most come from the United States.

Suddenly, something no longer consistent with the cotton candy. The blue and pink were gone, only in bland white, there was the sticky candy on the festival. “I asked my mother why and she said that the Americans are gone,” says Stephanie Spindler (31). She must have been nine, she estimates, about Americans had never thought.

Today things are different. Spindler, who grew up in Nuremberg, moved with their two children four years ago to Fürth, in the Kalb area, by working here as an educator. She has been read into the history of this district. And had at some point the idea with the Facebook page. “I wondered who the people here once called home,” she writes on the website.

On December 26, the site went online, five days later, she had 500 members. “That was amazing,” says Marco Frömter (39), a friend of Stephanie Spindler. New Year’s Eve the two spent so unlock the requests, “next to the raclette the laptop ran”.


Die Kalbsiedlung heute. Foto: Foto: Kaisha-Cosima Spindler

Frömter grew up in the southern city, in the 80s, when met two worlds here. His parents had many American friends, he was playing with the neighborhood kids from the Kalb housing area and loved to shop in the “PX”. America was only a few steps away.

The most striking memory of the time? “The feeling you’re going through a barrier and are in a different world from A to B. As a child, was the very intense,” he says. To date, Frömter, himself a former soldier, fascinated by this chapter German-American history. It is no coincidence that he is Chairman of the German American Men’s Club of Middle Franconia, maintain contacts in the German and formerly stationed in the region Americans.

Frömter knew it and the Johnson Barracks in Fürth are Facebook pages to Monteith Barracks, the Merrell Barracks in Nuremberg or the Ferris Barracks in Erlangen. He encouraged Spindler: A community for Kalb was missing. With such a rush but he had not expected.

The site has become a virtual class meetings. 90 percent of users are Americans, communicates almost exclusively in English, and each photo is uploaded, is celebrated. “Is this Fronmüller street?” Asks a woman to one of the pictures. They lived in the third building of the school in the direction PX. “Yes, it is,” says the photographer, a Fürth. “Home sweet home” notes to a further Licensees. Is that the old “Launderette” the old laundry ?, someone asks under a different photo and experiences: This is a ökomenisches center has become.

Quick began the user to scroll even in photo albums. You can see old class photos, young cheerleader in high school (now the Hans Böckler school) as she gets a new coat of paint in the 60s, an old cinema program for “community theater”. At that time, the music film “Hair” was – the admission: $ 1.50.

Brings back memories: the nice “Mr Pincher” gave away the ice; to this “old lady Emily” who like blue dyed her hair; to first jobs, ski trips (“The Girl with the crutch I am – my leg was broken,” writes a), the prom in the school cafeteria.

There are sweet memories. The Americans are raving about happy days in Fürth – New and suck grateful to: “Wow, what the Germans have made our homes,” writes a woman. In the group there are also people from the southern city, told Spindler. One, Andreas cruiser, and her Frömter enabled a photo tour in the Böckler- school. The photos are already online. And of course, were geliked.

Stephanie Spindler hopes to further members can contribute their photos to the group “US Army Family Housing Kalb Furth”.